How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast | An Introduction To Stretch Mark Creams Removers

An Introduction To Stretch Mark Creams Removers

Shopping for suitable stretch mark creams removers to help you get rid of those unsightly lines? The fact you’re reading this shows something. You’re a careful shopper. Not only have you taken the effort to search for stretch mark creams information, you’re actually reading them! Haha! By now, you should have come across many different stretch mark cream reviews. Which should you read first? Or rather, which one should you believe?

Don’t be mislead into believing everything that you read. Especially those reviews that promises you overnight miracles. Although stretch mark creams are effective in their own ways, all it does is to lighten or fade stretch marks lines. Some women achieves such great effect with these creams that it looks as if the stretch marks are gone at first glance. But even that takes time! You’ve gotta be hardworking and apply those creams dutifully every day! You must also be patient and don’t lose faith just because you don’t see results “immediately”.

Though it’s important to read the stretch mark cream reviews with a pinch of salt, there are some good information on how to get rid of stretch marks that you can still extract from them. For example, the list of ingredients used. Remember, a good cream reduces the inflammation caused by the stretch marks and helps enhance the elasticity of the skin by giving it sufficient hydration and nourishment.

Here are some common ingredients found in many brands of stretch mark remover creams that may improve the appearance of your stretch marks:

(1) Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs

These are actually acids extracted from sugar cane or dairy products, great for exfoliating. That’s why this ingredient is also commonly used in chemical peels as well. Stretch mark creams contain AHAs must have a concentration of less than 10% (in order for them to be sold to consumers) and when applied to the skin, helps disintegrate keratin, the proteins that binds the dead skin cells. Effectively, it rejuvenates the skin by dissolving the dead skin and allowing the new to grow.

(2) Retinoids

When properly absorbed into the skin, retinoids govern the growth of skin cells on the upper layers of the epidermis. Usage of products with retinoids can hence accelerate this growth and reduce stretch marks faster.

(3) Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps trigger the growth of collagen within the skin, thereby helping to remodel and build up the damaged collagen present in stretch marks. It enhances the skin and when used effectively helps to fade stretch marks gradually. It also breaks down the keratin in our skin’s surface area.

(4) Vitamin C

Good old Vitamin C is the basic ingredient that helps in connective tissue healing. As the skin is the biggest and flimsiest connective tissue organ of the body, it requires a great amount of Vitamin C comparatively for upkeep and repair.

(5) Vitamin E

As you may already be aware, Aitamin E is one of the best anti oxidizing agent and because of that, it has recognized to delay our cells’ aging process. It nurtures the cells and defends the skin against damage. Its great healing capabilities also makes it a great ingredient in lotions that’s mainly used for reducing stretch marks.

(6) Emu Oils

Containing fatty acids, emu oil is easily absorbed into our skin’s surface and demis layer. It increases the skin’s ability to heal and causes little or no irritation. Because of its great emulsifying properties, emu oils also acts as a great moisturizing agent.

(7) Cocoa Butter

Since cocoa butter are great for softening scars, stretch marks – which are actually tears in the elastin fibre network of our skin – also respond well to it. Although some doctors may be skeptical about the effects of cocoa butter as a stretch mark remedy, some women attest to its effectiveness. It is also noticed that cocoa butter, when combined with wheat germ oil and lanolin can also help reconstruct the affected dermis’ tissues. Hence, it’s pretty common to find cocoa butter commonly in a lot of stretch mark creams removers.


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